In one afternoon, students with a desire to strike into a tech career will discover how innovative companies create amazing software, apps, portals, platforms, and products. How do they build the technology that you love and use every day? How do they do it fast? And what are they looking for in their team members?

‘Agile’ is a way of working that helps tech teams and their companies produce better results. In these highly interactive sessions, discover how Agile multi-disciplinary teams work together to build incredible things, foster a culture of welcoming change, valuing individuals, and learning from customers. Hear from real developers, business analysts, team leaders, designers, and UX specialists about what it takes to succeed.

Why attend?

  • Understand how tech works at boss-level companies
  • Find out what it's like inside real tech jobs: pairing, standups, sprints, iterations, and the role of customers
  • Meet Australia's greatest techies and learn from their experience

Who is Activate Agile for?

Activate Agile is for students passionate about pursuing a career in tech. Educators and their students can attend free of charge.

Stay tuned for more info about Activate Agile 2018 - taking place in Melbourne next June 2018!

Find out more about Activate Agile 2017

"My experience was fantastic. As a student, Activate Agile gave me perspective on what I'm learning, and why I am learning it. I also got exposed to businesses and what working in a professional team may be like. I really enjoyed the wealth of talks, but I also really liked the opportunity it gave me to speak to people with similar interests to me."

- Andrew Jakubowicz, Activate Agile Participant, 2016