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SYDNEY: Wednesday 21 June 2017 | MELBOURNE: Monday 26 June 2017
Expand your Agile knowledge // Renowned international authors and local Agile thinkers // Unmissable opportunity for intimate learning experiences // Immerse yourself in learning
Neal Ford

Do you know about the stuff that you don't know you don't know?

Check out Neal Ford's article on the Knowledge Pyramid - a model for career-long learning. Ford is a keynote speaker at the AgileAus 2017 Conference and will also be leading a workshop on Evolutionary Architecture. Discover the Knowledge Pyramid in this article from AgileTODAY Magazine
Adel Smee
Adel Smee

Why you should start hiring junior engineersLast year as I was working on a conference talk, I came across labour market research conducted by the Australian Department of Employment on IT professions. The research found the rather shocking statistic that 45% of all senior "Developer Programmer and Analyst Programmer" positions were going unfilled, while that number was 47% for senior Web Developers. While we don't feel this so badly at Zendesk given our amply stocked kitchens, juicy technology challenges and strong focus on a pleasant and respectful working environment, it is never a given that hiring at that level is going to be fast or easy. Keep reading on the blog

Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen(Spotify)

Tatyana Mamut

Tatyana Mamut(GM & Head of Product, AWS)

Dom Price

Dom Price(Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian)

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