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Jez Humble

Continuous Delivery expert Jez Humble leads an intensive workshop in Auckland this June.

Send your team to experience an in-depth guide to Continuous Delivery and the DevOps movement, case studies from real companies, and ideas to help you adopt Continuous Delivery and DevOps within your organisation.

Does your company have gratitude deficit disorder?

When was the last time someone thanked you at work? Does your company have an employee recognition program? How about a company newsletter that has a regular gratitude column or a workplace that has gratitude awards? Gratitude is a core, but often overlooked, aspect of creating a healthy workplace culture. Keep reading on AgileTODAY
Melinda Harrington
Melinda Harrington

Everyone has a clear picture of what leadership looks like in traditional organisations. Leadership is top-down. The HIPPO (most highly paid person) decides on a course of action and instructs others to implement it. We lead this way because we see it modelled. People who act like that are promoted. It seems like the right approach. In contrast, Agile organisations aim for servant leadership, empowering, not directing. Keep reading on the blog

Conference: Thursday 22 - Friday 23 June 2017, Hilton SydneySydney Workshop: Wednesday 21 June 2017, UNSW CBD CampusMelbourne Workshop: Monday 26 June 2017, Cliftons Melbourne

Agile Australia is an annual Conference for people interested in better ways of working and learning. In its ninth year, AgileAus focuses on the theme of 'Learning and Leading'.

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Lisa Harvey-Smith(Research Astronomer)

Pete Steel

Pete Steel(Executive GM Digital, CBA)

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Belkis Vasquez-McCall(Digital VP Agile, McKinsey & Co)

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