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What everyone gets wrong about stakeholders- with Melissa Perri

Stakeholder management is one of the hottest topics from Product Managers going through training. I get asked questions about this on a daily basis. It's very important to empathise and understand your coworkers, but the problem with the relationship between stakeholders and Product Managers runs a lot deeper.Read more from Melissa on the blog

Discover the strategies and leadership philosophy driving Micro Focus’ Chief Technologist, Kan Tang

You have to understand strategy – there are three elements. The first is the goal or objective; second is which domain you're going to play – there are so many areas, so much competition, that you have to understand which domain you play in; and third, you have to understand your competitive advantages. With these three elements, you have to do a lot of research, align with the organisation, and if you don’t have the competitive advantage and you absolutely need it, then you have to build it. Once you understand strategy, you can move into execution, but this is a totally different ballgame. Very often visionary leaders can create great strategies, but very often fail in execution.Read more in the latest AgileTODAY Magazine

AgileAus catch-up: Coaching Nightmares - Insights We Can Learn from Gordon Ramsay

Watch Renee Troughton and Craig Smith draw insights from Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares escapades.