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Sydney: Monday 13 NovemberMelbourne: Wednesday 15 NovemberBrisbane: Tuesday 21 November
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Bjarte Bogsnes
Steve Denning
Melissa Perri

"Kindness is a muscle that needs to be exercised."

A spotlight on Julia Baird's surprising and thought provoking presentation at this year's Agile Australia Conference.Read more on the the blog

John Contad talks about databases, kindness, and building a learning culture in tech

Let me tell you about Gigi. Gigi is a friend of mine who's a systems engineer. She had the problem of being bitingly unhappy. Unhappiness can be cumulative — small things here and there that pile up until you reach a certain tipping point. Lost and rudderless, she went to her manager to see if he had any advice — halfway expecting that he'll say, "Hey, you should take a vacation". Instead, the manager said, "You should try doing something for other people." Read more in the latest AgileTODAY Magazine