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SYDNEY: Wednesday 21 June 2017 | MELBOURNE: Monday 26 June 2017
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Uniting shares insights into their Agile transformation journey.

So we’re embarking on our agile journey, one conversation at a time. It starts by sharing our Agile Playbook, which explains the agile mindset, sources of inspiration and our ‘sushi train’ approach to agile adoption. We help people identify what they’re already doing that supports agile values and explore if they’d like to shift the dial a bit further. So the conversation turns to current challenges and agile practices that might help. In this way, our service delivery streams are starting to use visual management boards, time-boxed meetings and regular workshops to bring more focus and collaboration to their work. Keep reading on the AgileAus blog

Agile legend Esther Derby on leadership

Esther Derby
Esther Derby

In self-organising teams, there isn’t one leader. Agile teams may have a coach; however, the coach’s job is to help the team see where they need to improve and help them learn specific skills. The coach may lead at times, but the coach isn’t the leader. In fact, if the team looks at the coach as the leader, they’re in trouble. Holding up one person as leader will hamper team development. Read her article in AgileTODAY Magazine

Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen(Spotify)

Tatyana Mamut

Tatyana Mamut(GM & Head of Product, AWS)

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Dom Price(Head of R&D and Work Futurist, Atlassian)

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