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Highly-rated speakers from the AgileAus 2017 Conference will be encoring their presentations at Agile Encore this November. Hear from broadcaster Julia Baird, Olympian Sandy Mamoli, Atlassian's Sherif Mansour, REA Group's Rob Ciolli and more!
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Bjarte Bogsnes
Steve Denning
Melissa Perri
Agile Australia 2017 speaker Leandro Pinter shares the key elements to ING Direct Australia's successful Agile transformation.Read more on the the blog

Atlassian's Dom Price on what he learned from Richard Branson

The philosophy of cycles suggests that whatever generation you belong to, you’ve got to go through certain phases in your life. When you go from a teen to a young adult, you go to college. When you become a parent, you’re supposed to create a certain life for your family. And when you retire, you go on cruises and live in warm climates. There’s a formula to life: all you gotta do is follow it. Read more in the latest AgileTODAY Magazine