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May 15, 2020 | Feature Articles

How do you judge your work?
How do you know if what you are building is the best it can be for all users?
How do we innovate responsibly and move towards a positive future where tech is useful, trusted and trustworthy?

“Don’t F@#$ the customer” and “Don’t be creepy” are past their use by dates.

The team behind the AgileAus Conference is proud to introduce ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 – a free online event for leaders and their teams to gain inspiration and ideas to ensure we build with intent and understand the consequences of what we deliver.

Being held on 15-19 June 2020, ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 will feature speakers including Aubrey Blanche, Global Head of Equitable Design & Impact, Culture Amp; Justine Lacey, Director, Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform, CSIRO; Laura Summers, Founder, Debias AI; Lindley Edwards, Group CEO, AFG Venture Group; and Jon Whittle, Dean Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University to name a few!

We can’t wait to explore how to ensure the tech we deliver is human-centred and built responsibly!

You can find out more and register for ResponsibleTech Summit 2020 at


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