#EverydayAgile: Brett Wakeman, Explaining Agile at a Barbie

May 11, 2020 | Everyday Agile, Feature Articles

Find yourself at a loss as to how to explain Agile? Here’s what Brett Wakeman says when people ask him at a barbie!

About Brett Wakeman

Senior Delivery Lead – POST+ Program, Australia Post

With almost 30 years experience working in the software industry, across roles in customer service, training, programming, technical writing and project management, Brett Wakeman has seen many different ways that teams work and software is built.

The move to working in an Agile way, during his time at carsales.com, was the biggest change of all, and came as a breath of fresh air.

Brett is now Senior Delivery Lead at Australia Post and is always looking for ways to build high-performing teams, explore different Agile practices and encourage people to embrace Agile thinking.

#EverydayAgile is a series of short videos designed to share better ways of working that even those new to Agile can apply to their work and home lives.

How do you do Agile? Please join the conversation in the comments below and get in touch via tv@agileaustralia.com.au if you’d like to be featured on #EverydayAgile!

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  1. Many thanks for your reference in your video Brett, much appreciated. I thought it was an excellent laid-back and informative presentation.

    It is interesting how Agile Working (which has its roots Remote Working and Activity Based Working and is my specialism) and Agile Software Development were distinct starting points but are now coalescing.


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