#EverydayAgile: Elise Aplin, Everyday Feedback

Apr 27, 2020 | Everyday Agile, Feature Articles

Hear from Elise Aplin on how best to incorporate constructive feedback into your relationships at work and at home!

About Elise Aplin

Product Development Coach, MCB Group, Port Louis, Mauritius

Elise Aplin is a passionate technologist who quietly thinks the internet is a bit of a mess and very much in need of improvement. She employs a bunch of cool frameworks (Agile, Lean, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and their related friends) to help companies get better at solving real problems through the delivery of digital products. Elise has previously worked as a facilitator, coach, analyst and mentor and now enjoys providing product development coaching for MCB Group.

#EverydayAgile is a series of short videos designed to share better ways of working that even those new to Agile can apply to their work and home lives.

How do you do Agile? Please join the conversation in the comments below and get in touch via tv@agileaustralia.com.au if you’d like to be featured on #EverydayAgile!


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