#EverydayAgile: Jutta Eckstein on BOSSA nova

May 15, 2020 | Everyday Agile, Feature Articles

At the core of BOSSA nova, the synthesis of Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, Sociocracy and Agile is a concept called probing.

It can be applied for implementing any kind of change, as big as BOSSA nova or as small as an action from your last retrospective. You start by reflecting on your situation, then you come up with a hypothesis based on those reflections, and finally you design an experiment that can prove or disprove your hypothesis. By measuring both your observations of the actual situation and the situation after the implementation of the experiment you can tell if you actually made a difference (and if your hypothesis was valid).

Jutta Eckstein

Independent coach, consultant, trainer

Jutta Eckstein works as an independent coach, consultant, and trainer. She has helped many teams and organizations worldwide to make an Agile transition. She has a unique experience in applying Agile processes within medium-sized to large distributed mission-critical projects. Jutta has recently pair-written with John Buck a book entitled Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy (dubbed BOSSA nova). Besides that, she has published her experience in her books Agile Software Development in the Large, Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams, Retrospectives for Organizational Change, and together with Johanna Rothman Diving for Hidden Treasures: Uncovering the Cost of Delay in your Project Portfolio.

Jutta is a member of the Agile Alliance (having served the board of directors from 2003-2007) and a member of the program committee of many different American, Asian, and European conferences, where she has also presented her work. She holds a M.A. in Business Coaching & Change Management, a Dipl.Eng. in Product-Engineering, and a B.A. in Education.

#EverydayAgile is a series of short videos designed to share better ways of working that even those new to Agile can apply to their work and home lives.

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