#EverydayAgile: Lucy Munanto on using Agile to help save your marriage

Jun 1, 2020 | Everyday Agile, Feature Articles

8 months into marriage and the hot topic in our house is: whose turn is it to do the dishes? Establishing the rhythm and rules for house chores is one of the many things that happen when couples start living together, and more often than not causes resentment and unnecessary arguing. Can Agile come in to save our marriages from the death of house chores management?

About Lucy Munanto

Business Analyst & Delivery Practice Lead, Lexicon Digital

Lucy Munanto is an Agile Delivery BA/IM building digital products for some of the biggest names in the financial services and automotive industries. She thrives on helping teams achieve meaningful product development by focusing on user experience and using storytelling as a way to align technology and business stakeholders to a common purpose. She also believes that Agile practices play a big part in improving team performance and product quality, so much so that she planned her two weddings last year using Agile! Lucy is currently the Business Analyst & Delivery Practice Lead at Lexicon Digital.

Lucy will be speaking at AgileAus20-1 in July 2021 in Melbourne.

#EverydayAgile is a series of short videos designed to share better ways of working that even those new to Agile can apply to their work and home lives.

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