#EverydayAgile: Mike Mallete, Improving Team Interactions

May 5, 2020 | Everyday Agile, Feature Articles

Among the biggest factors in how team members interact with each other is their emotional field. This short talk by Mike Mallete is an exploration of how we can improve team interaction (and hence performance) through added attention to this.

About Mike Mallete

Agile Coach Mike Mallete has been an Agile practitioner since joining his first XP team in the early 2000s. He eventually went full-time Agile Coaching by 2010 and became a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach a few years after – among the first in APAC. Since then, he has helped multiple organisations from start-ups to large multinationals improve and transform their way of working. Before all these, he has worn multiple hats in the software development industry, from software development, architecture, sales, people management, and training.

#EverydayAgile is a series of short videos designed to share better ways of working that even those new to Agile can apply to their work and home lives.

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  1. great stuff and very enriching content.


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