Support ramps up for AgileAus23 speakers

Mar 22, 2023 | AgileAus, Feature Articles

One of the best things about speaking at AgileAus is the people you meet. This will be even more the case in 2023, as speakers will have the opportunity to meet, share and learn with a great line-up of fellow AgileAus23 speakers, well before they hit the stage in August!

In 2023, we are delighted that speakers who are provisionally accepted to speak will be invited to be part of bootcamps led by Zoe Coyle. Zoe, as well as being a fabulously delightful human, is also a storyteller (she published her first novel last year) and a speaker, leadership facilitator, and communications training leader. All those who attend the bootcamps will witness her first-hand ability to empower people to live and work from a place of greater connection, inclusivity, self-awareness, empathy and power.

In the past, speakers have been supported by volunteer ‘guides’ in the lead-up to the AgileAus Conference. Some of these excellent program guides – such as Jody Weir and Jeremie Benazra – have been tireless in their efforts to help speakers make their talks as good as they can be. AgileAus has also helped speakers practise and receive feedback from others. While speakers will continue to be guided by volunteers, the addition of speaker bootcamps led by a professional like Zoe Coyle, has been met with great enthusiasm by many in the AgileAus community.

Christiane Anderson, who spoke at last year’s AgileAus Conference, says that she is excited about the bootcamps as “It’s a skill to share your message so that it lands and connects with your audience.” Cherie Mylordis, who has been involved with AgileAus in many guises, agrees that “speakers will benefit by learning valuable tips and techniques on how to deliver an engaging talk” and ultimately “the audience is the beneficiary by being entertained and engaged with the content shared by speakers”.

In the first bootcamps in May (15th in Sydney and 16th online), Zoe will guide speakers through fun, hands-on activities to help them build the ideal scaffolding and break down and finesse their content for a great talk. Then at bootcamps in June (14th in Sydney; 15th online; and 16th in Melbourne), speakers will have the opportunity to fine-tune the delivery of their presentation, with expert tips from Zoe around controlling breath, nerves, voice, energy; and invaluable performance and rehearsal techniques to stand them in good stead for AgileAus23 and beyond.

Having access to the Agile Australia bootcamp is a huge benefit to speakers – not only do they have ongoing personalised one-on one support from their program guides as they develop their talks, Zoe’s expert advice at the bootcamps will further hone speakers presentation skills and allow them to shine at the conference.

As a previous speaker at the conference, I would have loved to have access to this type of support and coaching – I know that it would have helped calm my pre-talk jitters and given me the confidence to deliver my best talk possible.

The level of support Agile Australia gives to speakers, from the review process to pairing speakers with program advisors who coach them as they develop their talk is outstanding.

Not only does it make life easier for speakers, but ensures that conference attendees hear the best talks possible. This year’s boot camp initiative with Zoe Coyle really takes things to the next level.

Brett Wakeman, AgileAus23 Chair and past-speaker

While we know that submitters vary in experience, all AgileAus speakers will gain from the shared experience. It will also be an excellent opportunity to make new connections and help others while having fun!
To submit an EOI to speak at AgileAus23, visit – submissions close 31 March 2023.

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