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AgileTODAY is a blog that serves as the beating pulse of the Agile Australia community.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Over the years, there has been a lot of debate over big A Agile and small a Agile.

There’s a New Kid on the Agile Block — FAST Agile

Fluid Scaling Technology (FAST Agile) fills the gap for a purely complex Agile method.

How applying behavioural economics can (and should) increase your product outcomes tenfold

My lightbulb experiment in 2017 As Jeff Patton noted, ‘focusing on product outcomes will shift you to a product mindset’. I’ve become convinced through years of applied experience that behavioural economics can (and should) produce 10x the outcomes and create scalable...

Why Agile is the key to unlocking AQ

There’s a lot of buzz around AQ, the cool youngest sibling to IQ and EQ. In truth, they’ve all been part of humanity forever, but there’s no doubt business is paying a lot of attention to AQ, aka the Adaptability or Adversity Quotient.Metrics such as the Intelligence...

Why attend AgileAus24?

The Agile Australia 2024 Conference (AgileAus24) will be held over two days in Melbourne in August. Though there are many flavours of Agile, the conference prides itself on welcoming all flavours and favouring none! It brings together teams from organisations experimenting with Agile under the broad umbrella of better ways of working.

Support ramps up for AgileAus23 speakers

Support ramps up for AgileAus23 speakers

One of the best things about speaking at AgileAus is the people you meet. This will be even more the case in 2023, as speakers will have the opportunity to meet, share and learn with a great line-up of fellow AgileAus23 speakers, well before they hit the stage in August!

What is leadership?

What is leadership?

In general, leadership seems to be about influencing others to do something. Inspiration or motivation may be the tools of leadership influence, and there are certainly others that can be used (such as coercion or power).

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